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The airlines have systematically taken the fun out of traveling by plane, and replaced it with all the enjoyment of getting on an overpriced and overcrowded bus. At Hopscotch Air, we encourage our clients to fly in their own safe, luxurious private plane and avoid the stress that comes with flying commercial. Unlike the airlines, Hopscotch Air will save travelers’ time by using over 10,000 lightly used general aviation airports. While we can fly into any airport used by any commercial airlines, many of the smaller general aviation airports may be closer to your home and final destination. Hopscotch Air’s private planes ensure your business trip or weekend getaway gets started in the most relaxed manner as possible while still providing the most affordable prices in private aviation.  


The Cirrus SR22 offers some of the most unique safety features of any plane flying anywhere. Period.

Whole Plane Parachute System.

The Cirrus is the only certified aircraft with this remarkable safety feature which in the event of a catastrophic emergency can lower the plane and its passengers safely to the ground.

Satellite Weather

Real-time, on board satellite weather which increases safety by providing pilots with up to the minute weather forecasts.


Fly with confidence knowing that your pilot has thousands of hours of experience, the same as commercial airline pilots.