Terms and Conditions

Hopscotch Hop-a-Long  Membership and Subscription Program


The Hopscotch Hop-a-Long Membership Plan (Plan)  contains the following terms and conditions, which are incorporated into the Hopscotch Air, Inc.’s Terms of Carriage.

As a member, you agree to pay $325 a month, for not less than 12 months, billed on your credit card, or another form of mutually acceptable payment.  If you purchase this Plan prior to March 1, 2019, you will receive one month free.  If you purchase this Plan and pre-pay for the year, prior to March 1, 2019, you will receive two months free.   Hopscotch Air will not raise the price during the Membership Year. This shall be known as the “Membership Year.”

Cancellation:  If Hopscotch Air is unable to perform any three flights (unrelated to weather conditions), in the Membership Year, you will be permitted to immediately cancel, and you’ll receive a pro-rated refund of the membership fee that had already been paid.  If Hopscotch Air charges a fare higher than the fare of a previous flight, with the same itinerary, during the Membership Year, and is unable to honor the original fare, you will have the option to cancel your membership.

Scheduling Flights:  Flights may be scheduled in any manner of ways, including through the website, by email, by phone, or by other digital means to be developed.

Purchase of Flights:  You must be a member to purchase flights.

Customer Cancellation of Booked Flights:  You may cancel flights up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure time of the flight and receive a 100 percent refund on the cost of the flight.  You may cancel within 24hous of the scheduled departure time of the flight and receive a 50% refund.

Wait Time Charges:    In each Membership Year, you’ll receive 15 hours of free wait time.

Overnight Charges:  You will receive one free overnight in any Membership Year (except for hotel charges). Thereafter, overnight charges will be $500 per night plus hotel expenses.

Change Fees:. While we cannot guarantee we can accommodate changes, we will aim to do so  to your flight itinerary and will not charge you change fees, providing the fight routing remains the same.

Approved Passengers:  Any passengers approved by you, providing that you are the one paying for the flight, may fly on Hopscotch Air.  However, Hopscotch Air reserves the right to deny carriage if we determine that you are “selling” your membership rights, either through cash or other consideration.  At no time may you act as a third-party broker of Hopscotch Air flights.

Cancellation by Hopscotch Air:   Hopscotch Air reserves the right to cancel your membership, and refund any pro-rated amount on account, if Hopscotch Air determines that you, or your passengers, pose a risk to safety of flight or act in a manner deemed inconsistent with reasonable standards.


IDENTIFICATION: All passengers are required to provide proof of identification prior to boarding.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Confirmed bookings may be cancelled without charge up until 24 hours of departure, but payment may be kept on account to be used toward a future trip, if customer desires. Within 24 hours of departure, 50% of the trip cost will be forfeited with the remainder either kept on account toward future travel or refunded.  Once your trip is booked and confirmed, these terms apply without exception to any change or cancellation.

PASSENGER MANIFEST: Correct passenger headcount and weight, as well as luggage details must be provided in advance of every flight. We cannot accommodate additional passengers, luggage, and/or weight upon arrival. Any discrepancy at the time of departure may result in the cancellation of the flight at full cost to the customer.

OPERATION: Aircraft operated by Hopscotch Air, Inc. are operated under FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate #1HSA054M. Aircraft operated by contracted carriers are operated under their respective Air Carrier Certificates. Hopscotch Air, Inc. is not responsible for any losses caused by third party carriers.

LATE PASSENGER ARRIVALS: Customers may face additional charges if passengers arrive late for their scheduled flight. Hopscotch Air reserves the right to cancel flights where passengers are late, if that causes Hopscotch Air additional delays. If Hopscotch Air cancels the flight due to a late passenger, no refunds will be given.

ITINERARY CHANGES: Itinerary changes are permitted. However, this is subject to aircraft and crew availability and subject to price adjustments.

WEATHER: If Hopscotch Air cancels a flight due to weather, customer is entitled to a full refund. If a flight is begun, but unable to be completed (for example, a return trip), customer will only be responsible for the flight actually flown. However, at the mutual agreement of Hopscotch Air and customer, if customer decides to over-night and return the next day, customer will be charged the standard overnight fee.

COMPLETION OR CANCELLATION OF FLIGHTS: Hopscotch Air, Inc. is not liable for damages due to a cancellation of any flight for any reason. Hopscotch Air, Inc. is not liable for actual or consequential damages that may result from a cancelled flight or a flight that has been partially completed and then terminated.

PAYMENT: Payment is due at the time of booking.

BINDING CONTRACT: This contract is binding. By accepting this flight you have accepted the terms of carriage.